The Honorable Ron DeSantis
46th Governor of Florida

Commander in Chief of the Future Florida SDF

Our Reactivation Group Mission:

The purpose of the Florida State Defense Force Reactivation Group is to advocate for the reestablishment of the Florida State Defense Force (FL SDF) or Florida State Guard.  A secondary mission is to educate the public about the uses of what a FL SDF can do for the citizens of Florida. 

At this time we are just a group of community service minded Floridians who are banding together via the internet to promote the reestablishment of a Florida State Defense Force or State Guard.  We do not have meetings, we do not wear uniforms or present ourselves as an already established group.  We are apolitical and do not have any particular political agenda to promote.  We would simply like to encourage the Florida Governor and/or the Florida Adjutant General to reestablish the Florida State Defense Force.  The enabling legislation is already in place.  All that is needed is to be signed into existence... again. 

At this time there is no official Florida State Defense Force therefore there is nothing to officially "join".  However, if you would like to participate in our reactivation efforts,  please fill out the form in the Contact Us page and you will be placed on our mailing list. .